How to Create VStack with Rounded Border in iOS SwiftUI

Building a user-friendly and appealing interface requires a deep understanding of SwiftUI components, one of which is VStack. An often sought-after design element is a rounded border around these stacks. Today, we’ll learn how to add a rounded border to VStack in SwiftUI.

Understanding VStack

VStack, a SwiftUI stack, organizes its children vertically. It is useful for creating sleek and uncluttered interfaces. Now, let’s look at how to add a touch of elegance with a rounded border.

Create a VStack with Rounded Border

Adding a rounded border to your VStack enhances the aesthetics of your app, and it’s pretty straightforward.

Step 1: Create a VStack

First, start by creating a VStack. Add a few Text views for simplicity.

VStack {
  Text("This is VStack")
  Text("With Rounded Border")

Step 2: Add the Rounded Border

Next, you need to use the .overlay and .clipShape modifiers to add a rounded border. The .overlay modifier lets you place a view, like a border, on top of VStack. The .clipShape modifier, on the other hand, rounds off the corners.

VStack {
  Text("This is VStack")
  Text("With Rounded Border")
  RoundedRectangle(cornerRadius: 20)
    .stroke(Color.blue, lineWidth: 4)

Here, the RoundedRectangle’s cornerRadius parameter is 20, making the corners nicely rounded. The .stroke function adds a blue border with a width of 4.

swiftui vstack with rounded border

VStack in SwiftUI is not just for aligning views vertically. With the right modifiers, you can add visually appealing details like a rounded border. Understanding this technique can take your SwiftUI user interface design to the next level.

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