What’s New in React Native 0.63 version

My excitement on a new version release of react native is always inexplainable. It’s because a new feature or a bug fix always makes the lives of developers easy. This time, I am with the latest version – react native 0.63.

So, what are the new things in this version?

A new component Pressable

This time react native is shipped with a new touchable interactive component named Pressable. Yes, a Pressable component can be used as an alternative for other components such as TouchableOpacity, Button, etc. It is not just an alternative but also a potential successor for extensively used components like TouchableOpacity.

Here’s an example.

import { Pressable, Text } from 'react-native';

  onPress={() => {
  style={({ pressed }) => ({
    backgroundColor: pressed ? 'blue' : 'red'
  <Text style={styles.text}>Button</Text>


The errors, warnings, and logs are refined and redesigned. As you see in the image given above now, you can easily identify errors and warnings through the logbox itself. This really gonna help developers troubleshoot when any error happens unexpectedly.

Apart from pressable and logbox, new APIs named PlatformColor and DynamicColorIOS are introduced. These APIs will help developers to choose native colors so that system theme settings can be easily reflected.

React Native team has published a well-written blog post with all features and specialties of the version 0.63. You can go through it here.

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