How to Disable Selection in React Native TextInput

Text selection can be a useful feature, but there are instances where you might want to disable it. For example, when displaying readonly data or secure codes, disabling text selection enhances the user experience and adds a layer of security.

This blog post will explore how to disable text selection in React Native’s TextInput component.


  • A working React Native environment
  • Basic understanding of React Native and JavaScript

Disable Text Selection

You can disable text selection using the contextMenuHidden prop, setting it to true.

import React from 'react';
import {View, TextInput} from 'react-native';

const App = () => {
  return (
      <TextInput placeholder="No Text Selection" contextMenuHidden={true} />

export default App;

The contextMenuHidden prop hides the context menu that appears upon text selection, effectively disabling the text selection feature.

Combine with ReadOnly

Often, disabling text selection goes hand in hand with making a TextInput readonly. Combine contextMenuHidden with editable for this.

<TextInput placeholder="Read Only, No Selection" contextMenuHidden={true} editable={false} />

The editable prop set to false makes the TextInput readonly. contextMenuHidden={true} ensures that text selection is disabled.

When to Use It

Disabling text selection can be beneficial in several scenarios:

  • When displaying passwords or secure codes
  • In readonly form fields
  • When you want to control user interaction strictly

Disabling text selection in React Native’s TextInput is quite straightforward. This feature can enhance the security and user experience of your mobile app, especially when used in combination with readonly fields. All it takes is the proper usage of the contextMenuHidden and editable props.

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