Good Bye Hot Reloading! Welcome Fast Refresh!

Finally, react native stable version 0.61 is out with more features and improvements. In this latest react native version, the following features are added.

  • Introduction of Fast Refresh
  • React version upgraded to 16.9
  • Fixed use_frameworks! CocoaPods support
  • Add useWindowDimensions Hook

As you see, Fast Refresh is the main highlight of react native 0.61 version. On react native versions less than 0.61, the developer menu is as given below:

react native hot reloading

Now, React Native version 0.61 onwards, the developer menu looks as given below.

react native fast refresh

Live Reload and Hot reloading options merged into a single Fast Refresh. Fast Refresh is enabled by default. When I tested Fast Refresh I felt it faster than Hot Reloading. React Native has officially posted about it here.

So, what are you waiting for? Go and try out the latest react native version 0.61!

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