APK Upload Failed even after Updating Version Code Google Play Console Error Fix

Recently, my APK upload failed multiple times when I was trying to update one of my react native apps through Google Play Publisher portal. The error says that Upload Failed – You need to use a different version code for your APK or Android App Bundle beacuse you already have one with xx .

The fact was I had already changed version code and version name of my app by going to MyProject/android/app/build.gradle file before uploading it into the Google Play Console. I tried changing version code again and tried to upload again. But the result was same.

google play console upload error

Finally, I got the solution for Google Play Console upload error. When I got the upload error, I just clicked on ADD FROM LIBRARY button. Then a popup window appeared with my latest APK uploads including the failed ones too. I added APK from there and successfully rolled out the update.

I hope this fix helps you too!

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