How to Change App icons and Notification Icons in React Native (Android)

Want to change the default app icon and notification icon of your React Native app in Android? Then you are at the right place. It would have been a tough task if there was no Android Asset Studio. Android Asset studio helps to create launcher icons as well as notification icons in proper formats.

Update: It seems like the Android Asset Studio app icon generator page is no more maintained. Hence, I suggest you use the for changing the app icon.

For the app icon, go here and choose Image as Foreground. Then upload your own image, do your own customization, and download. Make sure that you haven’t changed the default file name given in the Asset Studio. Unzip the downloaded folder and copy all folders inside the res folder. Now go to YourProject>android>app>src>main>res and paste all folders you have copied.

In case of a notification icon, just go here and choose Image as Foreground. Upload your icon and do your own customization. Download it and unzip the folder. Copy the folders and navigate to
YourProject>android>app>src>main>res and paste there. The name of the images will depend upon the library you are using for push notifications. For example, if you are using onesignal, the name of the images should be changed to ic_stat_onesignal_default .

That’s how you change the app icon and notification icon for Android in react native.

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